"Before you argue, yell, curse, slander or threaten anyone, always think first of:


“What do I intent to gain from it?”


“What next comes after it?”


The more you are in dispute with others, the more you increase the chances of quarrels. Your quarrels could lead to such consequences as resentment, hatred and the acquisition of enemies.

It is a well-known fact that resentment and hatred could lead to physical clashes, in other words fight. Fights lead only to such things as physical injury, isolation and possible loss of life.

The more you understand that each person is unique in his consciousness and thinking, and that each person has his own understanding of life, the more you create the prerequisite for a peaceful dialogue. It is also likely that they will in future want to communicate and even be friends with you".

Artur Kirsner


because thoughts
is formed only from those knowledge
which a person gets throughout his lifetime.

Realizing and understanding this TRUTH,
you will cease to argue and be at enmity
with anyone forever.
Which means that you will not be able
to create enemies for yourself."
Artur Kirsner



"When people fight, it does not express their level of strength or boldness because every living creature on earth can fight. Be it mammals, birds, and even bugs and ants.

Fights between people is one of the most dangerous and risky ways of resolving any conflicting situation. It leads people not only to undesirable results, such as mutilation, pain and injuries but also to irreparable consequences, such as loss of Human life.

Taking the life of another person means destroying your kind,
which IMPLIES destrUCTION OF the human race.

When people fight, curse, argue or insult each other, it shows that they have a very weak logical thinking ability and lack ability to freely use words required for peaceful dialogue with each other".

Artur Kirsner




“A Man is termed as strong-willed and wise
only when his physical strength is
under the control of his mental strength".

Artur Kirsner


This book of "APKREITTR" inspired me and improved my logical thinking. I am very glad that I have this book, and I really want to read and buy all the other parts of APKREITTR in order to improve myself even more. Thank you for the book.
Anna Ermakov, 67 years
This remarkable book has taught me to think and rethink my life. The book teaches you to correctly assess life situations and act wisely. Following these wisdoms, I felt that it became easier for me to live and breathe. Thank the author for his wisdom.
Charles Patrick
Never have I observed so much truth put together on one place. Arthur’s words have really sharpened my way of thinking and view of the world. How I wish this website would go round the world for everyone to see, read and also have the same feeling and rightful way of thinking that I have achieved.
Mohamed, 23 years
A very good book. Thank you.
Tatyana Ivanova, 24 years
This book has given me the strength to live, my life became saturated with meaning. It answered all my life's questions. I have realized that one can live without errors and even enjoy life always. And even now, 2 years later I read the book and it just inspires me and gives me strength for new achievements in life.
Zela G., 28 years
With each time of reading this book of APKREITTR "Awakening of Reason" a new world is opens for me with the help of which I learn a lot for myself. This book has helped me very much in understanding my life. I have become better at understanding people, learned a lot about how to be emotionally relaxed and relate to the world around me. I have also learned to find solutions to my previously existing situations.
Olu Roberts, 59 years
Interesting and educative.
Emma, 70 years
Thank you for getting to know the wonderful book. Very useful in the modern world. Very wise book! I'm for it to be taught in school.
Ballah Samuka
You good to go Arthur, God will surely reward you as u help the needed.