Read to understand how your thoughts are sometimes formed.


"EGOtism is the most intimate, invisible and cunning enemy of man. It not only makes you believe that it is rightfully part of you, but also makes you its obedient slave.

Imitating the HUMAN MIND, EGOtism changes the stereotypes associated with Human Thoughts. This leads to the rearrangement of individual priorities resulting in negative emotions (such as anger, hatred, greed, envy, jealousy and fear) taking primary positions, while the actual logically based HUMAN MIND occupies secondary positions.

As EGOtism substitutes pure RATIONAL consciousness and regulates all of Man’s actions, EGOtism begins to blend into the human thought and leads Man to make mistakes. As life-related mistakes are made, Man begins to get nervous and discomforted. These in turn weakens the human immune system and reduces the Man’s life expectancy. Depending on the situation, mistakes made could bring about consequences such as disappointment, anger, hatred, sadness, depression, fear and/or tears.

After creating new illusions in Man’s thought, EGOtism makes Man praise himself and talk about his achievements or superiority over other people. With the onset of PRIDE, Man ceases to notice that while he elevates himself in the eyes of other people, he loses his true friends and is surrounded only by sycophants.

On introducing FEAR into the Man’s thoughts, EGOtism makes Man believe that white lies are better than sincerity and truthfulness. With the onset of DECEIT and LIES, especially to closed ones, Man does not observe that he is beginning at the same time to limit his freedom. He begins to be afraid of one thing, “Should my lies be exposed, I stand an imminent chance of losing my respect, trust from other people and I might be tagged as the enemy”.

Further convincing Man to believe that it is impossible for anyone to live without deceit and lies, EGOtism bears a stronger hold on Man. Man then begins to suspect everyone and everything, even in the absence of reasons or facts for this. Initial negative thinking instances begin to manifest in Man. In other words, Man starts to initially suspect everyone, thinking that he might be deceived or used in the interests of others, even if there is no ground or reason for doing so. Proceeding from negative thoughts, Man begins to be JEALOUS of people around him. It is worth reminding us that jealousy leads not only to scandals and fights, but also to the loss of loved ones.

It is well known that neither material things nor material values can give Man a new flesh and body, but after EGOtism generates ENVY and GREED in Man, it leads Man to believe that it is necessary to live only for the sake of money, material things, status and other tangible assets while Man neglects, risks and sacrifices his own flesh and body to achieve them.

Out of Man’s constant acts of ASSERTIVENESS, EGOtism convinces Man to believe that he is smart, wise and cunning. Man is then blinded by the fact that he already knows everything about life. Next, Man ceases to listen to the opinion of WISE people and stops learning the secrets of life. This is accompanied by an array of further life-related mistakes which subsequently lead to loneliness and the creation of new enemies.

Finally, after analyzing the mistakes made, EGOtism makes Man transfer the blame to other people or to a set of circumstances in order to constantly instill in himself the hope and belief that he is innocent and righteous. This further makes Man oblivious to the fact that all the mistakes and misdeeds occurring in his life are the result of his EGOtistic unreasonable actions.

You are so used to your EGOtism, that you continue to live with it and trust it, thereby ceasing to be in charge of your Mind and personality. Apart from controlling and preventing you from living a proper and fulfilled life, EGOtism also makes you its slave. EGOtism not only encourages you to make many mistakes, but it also makes you pay for them. Sooner or later this brings you pain, sadness, anger, hatred and disappointment in life.

EGOtism is the most intimate, invisible and cunning enemy of man, which can be neither seen nor touched. Imitating and adapting to The Man’s mind, EGOtism would do everything possible to make you believe that it is in itself you.

Even at this very moment as you read these lines, EGOtism is trying to make you eventually with time forget everything that you have just read about it and also about how it leads you to illogical and unreasonable actions. These would further lead only to quarrels, deceit, treachery, envy, hatred, loss of loved ones, loneliness and/or self-destruction.


However, EGOtism can be identified and gotten rid of before it engulfs you in itself.
To achieve this, you must pause to think and identify WHO YOU ARE and
find out if it is the real you or EGOtism creating your thoughts.



 EGOtism consists of anger and conflict, insults and aggression,
arguments and fights, offence and hatred, destruction and annihilation.


The MIND tends to find SOLUTIONS, ALTERNATIVES and WAYS out of
any existing situations with favorable results for everyone.

This means that:

It is better to forgive and forget than to hate.

It is better to confirm than to suspect.

It is better to tell the truth than to lie.

It is better to be faithful than to betray.

It is better to love than to be jealous.

It is better to negotiate than being scandalous.

It is better to make peace than to fight.

It is better to be happy for someone than to envy.

It is better to smile than to be sad.





"Man is not born to express anger, abuse, quarrel,

be at enmity, destroy and eliminate his own kind.


LIFE is indeed LIFE for one to live a long and happy life.

Meaning that Man has to always maintain his body

in a good state of health and create favorable conditions

for living together with other people

and continuation of the human kind."

Artur Kirsner



If you have just read about EGOtism for the first time, then it is important to know that reading it once is not enough for you to totally get rid of your EGOtistic thoughts.
It is better you read this material periodically, and then with time you will then begin to understand how to drive your EMOTIONS and ACTIONS towards making a happy life.


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Anna Ermakov, 67 years
This remarkable book has taught me to think and rethink my life. The book teaches you to correctly assess life situations and act wisely. Following these wisdoms, I felt that it became easier for me to live and breathe. Thank the author for his wisdom.
Charles Patrick
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Mohamed, 23 years
A very good book. Thank you.
Tatyana Ivanova, 24 years
This book has given me the strength to live, my life became saturated with meaning. It answered all my life's questions. I have realized that one can live without errors and even enjoy life always. And even now, 2 years later I read the book and it just inspires me and gives me strength for new achievements in life.
Zela G., 28 years
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Olu Roberts, 59 years
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Emma, 70 years
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Ballah Samuka
You good to go Arthur, God will surely reward you as u help the needed.