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The World?s First Bilateral Laser : VH-80 Laser Distance Measurer With Multiple Measurement Units ? Multifunctional Measuring Device For Fast, Precise & Professional Results ? 262ft/80m

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Introducing VH-80, The World?s First Bilateral Laser Distance Measurer!

Unlike most laser distance measurers on the market, VH-80 measures bilaterally and has many more functions.

More specifically, the bilateral laser measurer can measure multiple lengths at once: the right, the left and the total combined.

However, based on your needs, you can also turn this 2-in-1 bilateral laser into a single direction laser.

Continuous Measurement On The Move!

Do you want to measure a big distance? The laser measurer can measure all distances that are up to 262ft / 80m, so you won?t have a problem.

VH-80 works from anywhere along the line of measure, regardless of your position, so you don?t need to find the midpoint.

In fact, if you move along the line you?re measuring, the bilateral laser device will let you know where the midpoint is, using any measurement unit you prefer:


So whether you?re standing, sitting or moving, the laser distance measurer will never fail to give you the exact measurements with precision.

VH-80 Has Its Own Free Mobile App!

You can connect your bilateral laser distance measurer with the Magpie phone application and make your job much easier.

The helpful ad will automatically keep a record of the latest 9 measurements you make, saving you time and effort.

Time To Place An Order!

Be one of the first people who own the world?s first bilateral laser distance measurer and be ready for some awesomeness this ?Bilateral? brings us!

VH-80 is a paradigm shifter of the distance measuring world, and you can be one of the first people who get to experience it, so don?t waste another minute!

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MEASURE DISTANCES FAST AND EFFORTLESSLY: Do you want to measure long distances, but there?s no one around to help you? The world?s first bilateral laser measurer is the tool you need to get the job done fast and easily. This unique measuring device can measure any distance up to 262ft (or 80m) and you won?t even have to bend or put yourself in a dangerous position. Every professional construction worker and DIY'er needs this smart gadget.
CONTINUOUS MEASUREMENT IS NOW A BREEZE: The bilateral laser distance measurer allows you to measure three values at once. So place the laser device in a random spot within that distance (you don?t have to find the center) and the laser light will measure the distance on its left, the distance on its right, as well as the total distance. As for you, the only thing you will have done is press some buttons. That was easy, wasn?t it?
WHICH MEASUREMENT UNIT DO YOU PREFER: The bilateral laser measurer can calculate distances using any unit of measurement you want. So whether you prefer to work with millimeters, centimeters, meters, feet, or inches, this technologically advanced laser tool will show you the results of the measurement with high precision. The bilateral laser measuring device has a 3mm accuracy, so there?s no reason to double-check the results.
YOU DON?T HAVE TO STAY STILL: Sectioning and finding midpoints is incredibly easy when you use the world?s first bilateral laser measurer. If you want to find the midpoint of the distance, grab the bilateral laser device and start moving within that distance until the laser measuring gadget indicates that the left and right distances are equal. Thanks to this unique feature, you will be able to do double the work in half the time, even if you?re working alone.
INSTANTLY MEASURES: AREA, VOLUME and PYTHAGOREAN THEOREM - Two laser diodes mean VH-80 can take three measurements per single action: the left, the right and the total combined. APP COMPATIBILITY - The free MAGPIE app allows users to record and store up to 9 measurements. Class II laser product, <1mW power output.

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Tools,Laser Distance Meters

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